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Dean and Sebald and methodology

I have been reading Tacita Dean/ Hans Ulrich Obrist the conversation series.

Hope , loss, memory, time.

Chance plays a big role in her work.

The green ray

'All my work is about time. Human time, cinematic time, allegorical time, practical time.' Work with older people or are 'time made maniifest in a way'.

'Sebald wrote that he never liked doing things systematically, that there was always the random way, the aspect of chance in it. 'If you look at a dog, following the advice of his nose,- invariably finds what he is looking for.''

TD ' I rely on chaos. I have to go through that chaos before I can come out the other end. I call how I work something closer to objective chance or a surrealist pattern, where you're wandering along and you encounter something and that makes you take a different path.'

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